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Drive Rite Driving School
Drive Rite Driving School
Senior Drivers

Senior Drivers - Need a Little Refresher?

That's Ok!
   We can help you be a
   confident driver again.

We understand that as you age, your night vision is not as crisp and your reaction time might be down a little, but there is no reason that you cannot drive safely on today's roads and highways. We offer seniors driving instruction that will bring back the confidence you once had behind the wheel.

Drive Rite instructors will help you with new laws and traffic signs. If you are required to take another driving test, we can prepare you to pass. Drive Rite has two hour lessons that will fit your schedule. We can pick you up at home if you like.

How do I get started?
Call Drive Rite at (831) 638-4851 and schedule an appointment now.

Done! Now that was Easy.
No need to worry. If all you needed is a little more confidence driving or had to take the DMV Driving Test again, Drive Rite was there for you!

Driving correctly, defensively and with good driving habits will help assure many more years of fun behind the wheel. Nobody wants to be in an accident or get stopped by the Police or Highway Patrol. By driving smart and safe, you will improve your odds greatly! Thanks for learning from the pros at Drive Rite.

Give us a call today at (831) 638-4851

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Have fun out there ... and Drive Rite!

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Driving Tips 4

As you are walking towards your car, do a simple once-over check. Look for any signs of leaking fluids underneath. Visually check the tires and tire pressure. And if you notice something, make sure to take care of it or tell the right person about it. Do not drive on underinflated tires or try to drive after half the coolant has leaked out.

Important!: If you back out of your garage or driveway before going on your way, walk behind the car and look for anything that might be in the way. Just because you might not see anything in your mirrors, does not mean there is nothing there. Kids like to leave their bikes and toys everywhere. Kids also like to play almost anywhere. Dads leave their yard tools lying around sometimes.

So remember to check your car and the surroundings before getting in and driving off.